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Widespread damage caused by rare, extreme weather event

by Leslie Ehrenberg

A rare and extreme severe weather event, according to the National Weather Service, caused extensive damage throughout the area and left many residents without power throughout the weekend. Read More


County gets funds to help fix failing septic systems

by Reed Anfinson

Swift County Environmental Services has received a $350,000 grant to help homeowners repair and upgrade their septic systems.

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Milan Syttende Mai celebration

The Milan Syttende Mai celebration went on as planned Saturday, May 14. Following Thursday’s storm, Otter Tail Power Company made sure to restore power to the city in time for the celebration to be held.

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Filings for county offices now open

Filings for the Swift County Board of Commissioners, county attorney and county sheriff opened Tuesday, May 17, and close at 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 31.

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local sports and school

Eagles softball rolls up six wins by a combined score of 64-6

Lac qui Parle Valley softball went 6-0 in a statement week, outscoring their opponents by a combined total of 64-6. Playing all six games on the road, the Eagles went to Granite Falls Tuesday, Olivia Thursday and Marshall Saturday. The long road trips brought back wins over Yellow Medicine East, Renville County West/BOLD, Red Rock Central and Redwood Valley.

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Class of 2022 Honor Students named at LqPV High School

Lac qui Parle Valley High School has released the names of 24 seniors who will graduate with Distinguished Honors and 11 seniors who will graduate with Honors at the Graduation Commencement Ceremonies on Sunday, May 29, at 1:00 p.m. at LqPV High School.

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from the archives of The Appleton Press

125 YEARS AGO – 1897

High school attendance 40. The pupils of Miss Fanset’s room were wrestling with domestic zoology and otherwise reading nature in the language of experiment.

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For Your Health

Marcia Kells
Appleton Area Health

Exercise Plus Sleep – The Missing Link To Workouts and Faster Recovery

Sitting is the new smoking. This should be the slogan for our entire generation. Sitting all day at a desk not only has consequences for your overall health and well-being but also for your sleep health. Here is how the simple act of walking during the day can help you get more sleep:

Humans simply are not built to sit all day. Our bodies crave movement. Remember we were born to be hunter-gatherers. Unfortunately, many people are tied to their desks. After work, you might head home and snooze away in front of the TV or maybe you would prefer to have a drink or two just to fall asleep. When you are stressed, it is common to toss and turn at night instead of getting a good night’s sleep and as soon as things get stressful, the first ball to drop is often exercise.

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