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Large crowds attend emergency, special meetings in regards to AAHS

by Leslie Ehrenberg

This past week the Appleton City Council held two special meetings in regards to Appleton Area Health Services (AAHS). The main focus was possible bonding and debt for AAHS.

A crowd of about 45 people attended both meetings, concerned about the future of the local hospital. During the first emergency meeting Tuesday, February 21, Mayor Chad Syltie stated the council had a lot of information to hear and had some decisions to make. He asked all comments be kept quiet.

“I will not be taking questions from the public,” he said. “We have questions that the council will be asking of the hospital administrator, and he of us. We need to make sure the council is informed to make the decisions they need to make.”

Following the meeting, citizen participation was questioned by residents who felt there should have been opportunity to speak. City Clerk Roman Fidler went to the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) website for information. As a rule, LMC notes citizens are not allowed to speak.

Minnesota Statute 412.91, subd. 2, states if a number of members wish to speak the meeting may not progress efficiently. Likewise, if one person spends a long time expressing his or her view, others may not get the opportunity to present their views.

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