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from the front page

Residents at Appleton Care Center enjoyed receiving their Angels of Appleton gift totes on Christmas morning. Above, three of the residents with their gifts, left to right, Donald Hallaway, Bea Steinke, and Janice Gades.

Angels of Appleton deliver 61 gift totes, and smiles, to residents of care center and assisted living facility

by Leslie Ehrenberg

Residents at the Appleton Care Center and Apple Ridge Estates received some special Christmas cheer from the Angels of Appleton. Sixty-one gift totes were delivered on Christmas Eve.

Spearheading the project, Brinna Langford and family filled and delivered the totes to Appleton Area Health (AAH) staff. Tenants at Apple Ridge Estate received their totes during a Christmas party that afternoon and residents at the care center were hand delivered by staff on Christmas morning.

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Featured Articles

Appleton native launches new educational channel

Providing and developing resources to supplement learning is at the heart of East-West International Education Foundation (EWEF).

EWEF President and CEO Rob Wilkening, an Appleton native, recently announced they have now launched the newest TV station that can be seen all over the world: www.myglobaltv.org .

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Ascheman’s Uni-Mart sold to One Stop

by Leslie Ehrenberg

After eight years of ownership, Dan and Karen Ascheman are happy to announce the sale of Ascheman’s Uni-Mart in Appleton.

One Stop of Tennessee took over ownership last month. They own 15 gas stations in Minnesota. “This was a good opportunity to sell for us,” said Karen. “We will continue to be active business owners in Appleton with our shop, Dan’s Tire and Service.”

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Council contracts for IT services

by Reed Anfinson

On a four to one vote, the Swift County Board of Commissioners last Tuesday approved an early retirement program for its employees for 2021.

Administrator Kelsey Baker told commissioners that approving the program at their Dec. 15 meeting would give her and Swift County Human Resources Manager Amanda Ness time set up a time line of actions.

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local sports and school

LqPV cross country boys letterwinners

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LqPV cross country girls letterwinners

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The Medical World

by Dr. Michael Bess MD

Not long ago, my wife and I had dinner with our good friends Slats Mackenzie and his wife Marsha. Slats owns a small business that provides temporary server help to restaurants. Being a history major in college, Slats sees his business as an opportunity for those who majored in history or english in college to get on their feet, so to speak. He has a few full-time employees and some of the servers work full-time through his business, so he generously provides benefits (including health insurance) to all these folks.

Marsha and Slats are both around 60 and Marsha recently had a knee replaced at the Mayo Clinic. Her knees are both bad from her years as a ballerina. While they were there, Slats decided to have a colonoscopy.Sometime later they got some papers called Explanation of Benefits from the insurance company. This informed them that neither his nor Marsha’s procedures were covered by the insurance that he had purchased for their company, Food on Foot, a few years before through one of the Sioux Falls hospitals. They hadn’t paid much attention to it except to note that the cost had increase dramatically over the years.

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