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Eat Just honored twice by Fast Company’s 2021 World-Changing Ideas Awards

Eat Just, Inc., a company that applies cutting-edge science and technology to create healthier, more sustainable foods, has been honored this week in two categories of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards. The company was selected out of thousands of nominees for breaking new ground in the cultured meat industry and for creating America’s fastest growing egg brand, which is made entirely of plants. Eat Just was recognized by the magazine’s editors as a World-Changing Company of the Year alongside only a handful of others. The industry-leading food tech startup was also named a finalist in the Food category of Fast Company’s fifth annual competition for its pioneering efforts to create and commercialize real, high-quality meat directly from animal cells.

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Featured Articles

Mayor calls special meeting to remove hospital board member

by Leslie Ehrenberg

A special meeting was set and held last week by the Appleton City Council. The main purpose of the meeting, as called by Mayor Dan Tosel, was to remove Warren Rau from the Appleton Hospital and Nursing Home Board.

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Birds in Watercolor class open to the public at Appleton art center

The Appleton Art and Culture center will be holding their first art class on Tuesday, May 18. “Birds in Watercolor” will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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Appleton resident receives Trespass Warning barring him from Civic Center

by Leslie Ehrenberg

An Appleton resident is questioning the validity of a “Trespass Warning” he received on Tuesday morning, May 4, delivered by the Appleton Police Department.

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local sports and school

Sawatzky throws pair of no-nos as Eagles sweep MACCRAY, split with RTR

Lac qui Parle Valley softball won three of four games to improve their record to 12-2. The Eagles crushed MACCRAY at home Monday, then split a double-header on the road against Russell-Tyler-Ruthton Thursday. LqPV has one double-header this week, hosting Yellow Medicine East Tuesday.

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LqPV boys golf plays 45 holes in two days

Lac qui Parle Valley boys golf had a busy week, playing 45 holes of golf in two days. The Eagles took seventh place in the Lakeview meet Tuesday, then finished ninth in the New London-Spicer Invite and fourth in the Renville County West meet, both played on Thursday.

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The Medical World

by Dr. Michael Bess MD FAC Appleton Area Health

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It is also the most easily injured and diseased. We tend to take our skin for granted most of the time but there are some diseases and injuries such as burns that can damage large amounts of skin at a time resulting in a life threatening situation or, at least, disfiguration. On the other hand, there are also small skin problems that can be life threatening as well. The most common life threatening skin lesion is melanoma.

Melanoma is on the increase worldwide. The exact cause is poorly understood but we do know that sun exposure plays a role. Queensland, Australia has more melanoma than any other place in the world and is also the sunniest place in the world. Those of us that care for patients diagnosed with Melanoma listen carefully when research from Queensland is presented since the experience there is vast.

In this country, the increase in melanoma and other skin cancers is believed to be due to tanning bed use. While I am convinced the tanning beds account for some of the increase, melanoma is a strange disease and can start (rarely) in places like the eye, the bowel, and under a toenail. And those are distinct places without much sun exposure.

Since it mostly begins on the skin, you would think early diagnosis which is key to cure would be common. Unfortunately, late diagnosis is frequent. Since large size is not always an indicator of danger (depth of invasion into the skin is), we tend to ignore what has come to be known as the ugly duckling sign. Anything (and I do mean anything) that appears to be the slightest out of the norm needs to be biopsied, which usually is a simple office procedure. . . . See Page 2