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CLASS A CHAMPIONS - The Lac qui Parle Valley girl’s golf team. Left to right Head Coach Kipp Stender, Assistant Coach Chad Galland, Sarah Halvorson, Bella Jacobs, Brook Olson, Molly Halvorson, Kaitlyn Kittelson, Grace Vacek, and Assistant Coach Mark Halvorson.

Lac qui Parle Valley girls golf runs away with Class A State Championship

<p>For the second time in the last three seasons, the Lac qui Parle Valley girls golf team hoisted the trophy as State Class A Champions. While playing at Pebble Creek Golf Club in Becker Tuesday and Wednesday, LqPV left no doubt who the best Class A girls golf team in the state is, shooting a 720 in the two day tournament, running away from the field to win by 26 strokes.</p>

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Featured Articles

Residents, businesses asked to help conserve city water

Appleton residents may have noticed their water looking a little discolored recently. City Water Operator Jim Nelson told the Appleton City Council at their June 16 meeting with the current dry conditions, and an increase in usage, the water treatment facility is not able to keep up with demand.

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Local sportsmen’s club shares safety concerns for OHV Park expansion

by Leslie Ehrenberg

As the Swift County Commissioners move forward with a plan to expand and improve the Appleton Area Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Park, the members of the Appleton Sportsmen’s Club have safety concerns they would like to see addressed.

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New chief deputy’s salary debated by commissioners

by Reed Anfinson

Mike Hoffman was recently named the new Swift County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy by the board of commissioners at their June 1 meeting.

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local sports and school

Men’s Golf League has tied position for first

The teams of Scott Sawatzky and Reed Molden, and Eric Hamn and Tracy Koosman have moved into the first place positioning after Men’s Golf League play this past week at the Appleton Golf Club.

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Summer Success is back in session at A-M Elementary

Summer Success at Appleton-Milan Elementary School is in full swing. The program took one year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but is back in session this summer.

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  • To the editor:

    So ... Let's recap. I am Kevin Plemmons and I did run for mayor against Dan Tosel. I ran an honest campaign because this community deserves a good steward. Most of you didn't mark a box or just voted for Mr. Tosel because they knew “the name.” I'd like the chance to say ... like the mayor’s brother Dru said ... “it's not personal, it's business.”

    Well, let's recap who you voted in ...

    After the June 10th vote, without hesitation, and I'll repeat that because it's worth repeating, without hesitation, after listening to Warren Rau/Brian Wojtalewicz, justify every accusation, you vote him off the hospital board. ...

    To the editor:

    How can one person get hired, with so many strikes against him, to turn our town upside down so quickly? As a taxpayer I have the right to express my opinion.

    It makes me sad to hear all the comments from our local people and surrounding areas. Some of those council members are my good friends.

    My husband and I retired in Appleton and live in a great neighborhood.

    Another thing – why is the word “woman” thrown around so loosely? I happen to be one and very proud of it. ...

    To the editor:

    Marsh Lake draw down. ls it going to be a letdown? 20 plus years ago when the DNR had their first open to the public meeting on their ideas of restructuring Marsh Lake, Minnesota DNR, Ducks Unlimited, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Army Corps of Engineers were some of the organizations that were there. At this time they had already spent over two million in feasibility studies.

    The different organizations said Marsh Lake was the number one best duck hunting lake in Minnesota. After their opening ideas they opened it up to the public for questions. ...

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The Medical World

by Dr. Michael Bess MD FACS
Appleton Area Health

West Nile is a viral disease spread by mosquitoes. It occurs commonly in late August and early September. For most people it is a minor illness with flu like symptoms. For others there are no symptoms at all. They find out they had West Nile when a blood test is done for some other purpose; when donating blood, for example. Occasionally, West Nile advances to involve the neurologic system (including the brain) sometimes resulting in death or permanent disability. Most publicity about the disease stresses controlling the mosquito population.</p>